Kye Ball Memorial Award

The Kye Ball Memorial Award

Presented by Flynn Canada and the YMCA of Regina

Kye Ball Memorial Award Overview:
The Kye Ball Memorial Award, named in honour of Kye Ball (May 30, 2000 – March 20, 2017), recognizes the outstanding contributions of a YMCA staff member or volunteer in building a healthier, more inclusive community for all.

The Kye Ball Memorial Award emphasizes the support of positive mental health as well as the promotion of positive mental health awareness.

The Kye Ball Memorial Award provides a platform in recognizing that mental health is an important aspect of the YMCA community by promoting the contributions of YMCA leaders in mental health awareness and healthy practices.

By reducing barriers, everyone can achieve a healthy spirit, mind, and body.

Thank you to Flynn Canada for their continued support

Bren Hutchinson

School Based Youth Worker
Shared Services Mentorship Program

“Bren deserves the recognition for what he does for the Moose Jaw community…works with many AMAZING kids and has so much fun doing it! He builds positive relationships with parents and youth…he doesn’t give himself enough credit for the work that he does and the impact he is making.”

2022 Kye Ball Memorial Award Nominees

Past Kye Ball Memorial Award Recipients

Toni Nisbet
2017 Kye Ball Memorial Award Recipient

Kelly Kuntz
2018 Kye Ball Memorial Award Recipient