Rally. Ride. Raise.

The Expresso Rally for the Y is a fundraiser put on by Interactive Fitness the creators of the Expresso interactive bikes.  The YMCA of Regina participates all during the month of February to help raise money for our Annual Strong Kids Campaign.  There are multiple ways to participate in the Rally.  You can become a participant by riding the Expresso Bikes and earning $0.10/ mile from Expresso or you may pledge per mile or one-time donation to your favorite rider.

You can sign up to be a rider or donate to a current rider here.  Once you have registered, use this same information to log into the bikes to make you contribution count!

When supporting a rider first you go to the Expresso website and make your pledge/one time donation pledge.  This helps keep track of the Rally’s efforts.  Expresso will then redirect you to the YMCA’s donation portal if you choose one time donation.  Once you are at the donation portal there is no need to create an account or log in then you can fill out your information and complete your transaction.

If you choose to donate per mile, you will be sent an email at the end of the Rally stating how many miles your rider completed and how much you will donate based on how much you pledged per mile.

Your contributions to the Strong Kids Campaign through the Rally will go toward building healthy communities.  Funds raised from this event will go toward help children and their families remove barriers to becoming involved in the Y by providing assisted memberships, access to programming, and help support our charitable offerings like PlusOne and Beyond the Bell programs.

For more information or for assistance with Rally for the Y, please contact one of our amazing staff who will be happy to get you started:

Josh Pollard – josh.pollard@regina.ymca.ca

Leah Ingold – leah.ingold@regina.ymca.ca

Shane Ashby – shane.ashby@regina.ymca.ca