Strong Kids Campaign



All around us we see the images of children in need. These come in many forms – from food, clothing and shelter, to guidance and support. Whatever the needs, the YMCA is committed to improving the lives of the children and their families in our communities by providing safe places, caring and trained staff, and programs that teach life skills.  Whether it’s a place to go after school for a helping hand with homework, a place to learn leadership skills, or a place for the family to play and connect, the YMCA is there.


  • 21 % of Day camp participants come from 1 parent families

  • 13% of Day camp participants have a family income under $30,000

  • 43% of our parents choose the YMCA program because of the values the Y represents

  • 1,200 families were sponsored in HFR

  • 526 sponsored  camper Days

  • 223 Camper Days for Children with Disability

  • 1,823 people participated in Social & Community Service programs

  • $110,070 in Membership & Camp Sponsorship

  • $193,200 in programs & Services


Your Support Is Appreciated!


Through the support raised by the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign, the YMCA reaches out to children and families throughout the community to provide opportunities that they might not otherwise have. Your support provides the funds needed to make these programs available, providing the recreational, learning and life-enhancing experiences that build strong kids, strong families, strong communities.

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