International Development

International Development


The YMCA of Regina provides education and information on global and environmental issues to raise awareness and encourage participation in global events.


The International Development Program is housed in the Community Development and Initiatives Department, and components of the program are integrated and delivered into other existing programs, with a large emphasis in delivery within Leadership Programs.


Our YMCA works with the YMCA – YWCA of Winnipeg International program.


Visit: Winnipeg International YMCA/YWCA

Global Participation


The YMCA of Regina has had participation in numerous global events in recent years. This list includes sending a delegate to the 16th World Alliance of YMCA’s in South Africa in 2006, as well as numerous exchange programs with the Tijuana YMCA in Mexico and Montevideo YMCA in Uruguay, and participation in the YMCA Europe Festival with a team of 8 youth in 2008. Lastly, the YMCA of Regina is proud to be sending a youth delegate to participate  in the 17th World Council meeting taking place in Hong Kong in July 2010.


Below are some links to resources on International Development at some other YMCA organizations:


For more information on the International Development Program at the YMCA of Regina, please contact John Bailey at 757-9622 ext. 257



The YMCA of Regina currently has partnerships with the YMCA of Tijuana and the Montevideo YMCA in Uruguay. This partnership includes information sharing, exchange and education services and financial support.