Friday January 11th, 2019

Dear YMCA Members,

Now that the holidays are past and we move into January we have some new information and a few reminders for our valued members.

Endless Cycle

There is still time to register your company’s team for a spot in our Endless Cycle fundraiser in support of the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign. This campaign supports barrier free access to youth leadership and Beyond the Bell programming, and as well supports financially assisted memberships for Regina’s most vulnerable youth.

To make a donation or to register your team visit our online registration portal:

Personal Training Promotion

For the entire month of January our members can enjoy some great discounts on Personal and Group Training packages. Please speak with a fitness or membership services staff member to cash in on these great deals. We can help you achieve any fitness goal, big or small!

Personal Training 10 Pack           10% off

Personal Training 25 Pack           15% off

All Group Training Packages       10% off

Facility Reminders

Device Use Policy

The use of cameras and recording functions on all personal devices is strictly prohibited anywhere in YMCA facilities there is a reasonable expectation of privacy such as locker/change rooms, showers, hot tubs, and pools. The recording, photographic, and video functions on phones and tablets should not be used in these spaces. Anyone doing so will be asked to delete captured content and put their device away.

Members Plus Spaces

A reminder that the Membership Plus change rooms Downtown are for those who have a Plus membership, massage customers, fitness volunteers, or those accompanying a Plus member as their guest. Guests must register at the front desk with the Plus member they are accompanying.

Any member found using the Membership Plus areas without a Plus membership assigned to them will be asked to leave the space.

Hours of Operation

We would like to remind members that our hours of operation as posted should be adhered to. There has been an increase in members remaining in the building after the posted closing time which poses a large safety and security risk not only to the YMCA, but also to you as members.

Please refer to the posted closing times and ensure that you have finished your workout and are ready to exit the building at the designated time. Staff will provide a warning of at least 15 minutes that the building is shutting down for the day.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation in these matters.