Dear Friends of the YMCA of Regina,

We wanted to provide the members, staff and community with a follow-up of our Information Session held on June 19th at our Downtown location regarding the future of the YMCA of Regina. During that session, we were tasked with delivering some very difficult information that was compiled after several months of work and research about the viability of the operations in Regina and had provided a list of options based on that information.

We also asked for open and honest feedback from all community members through a dedicated online portal. We received many thoughtful responses not only through this, but through various other interactions.

We want to first, sincerely thank everyone for the amazing support and for the many community partners who have expressed their desire to help the YMCA of Regina continue for future generations. The YMCA is a community, your community. Our members come from every part of the city, from every walk of life. They are your family, your friends, the people you work with and the people who live around you. Their needs shape everything we do: from the programs we develop to the services we offer. Our community is important to us. As this community grows and changes, so do the needs of those we service. To meet these growing needs, the YMCA must invest in areas where needs are greatest.

We had communicated that we would be making a decision regarding the presented options in early summer, however, given the substantial interest, we wanted to ensure that we took careful consideration to review all community feedback that was received.

After discussing all the feedback with my colleagues on the Board of Directors and members of Senior Management, we have postponed making a decision on the facilities until November 2019.

We believe this will provide  us the opportunity to exhaust all viable options while focusing on solutions that will sustain the mission of the YMCA: “a charitable association open to all, dedicated to developing leadership and to enriching our community and people at every stage of life”. Programs, services, and facilities are being reviewed in terms of benefits and contributions that support the work of the YMCA.

While we still have a difficult and challenging path ahead of us, we have been appreciative of the support to ensure a strong and viable future operationally and continue the work the YMCA of Regina has been providing the community for over 128 years.

In our commitment to be open and transparent, we have also posted a list of Frequently Asked Questions below that were compiled from all the information we received.

After frequently hearing “how can we help?”, we have included options on how every member of the community can help keep moving the YMCA of Regina forward:

  • Refer friends, family and colleagues to become members of the YMCA of Regina
  • Volunteer your time and talents to the YMCA of Regina. We have many volunteer opportunities available
  • Make a donation directly to the Strong Kids campaign to enhance our charitable work with programs like Beyond the Bell, Leaders and PlusOne mentoring.
  • Consider making a gift to our endowment fund to help sustain the future of the YMCA of Regina

Once again, our sincerest appreciation for the support we have received over the last few months and look forward to providing the community with updates as we work together through this process.