YMCA of Regina is pleased to partner with EdgePoint to provide a free Financial Literacy Camp for young people, ages 13-18.

More than just budget making, participants will learn about investing. It’s never too early to discover the importance of investing, but it can definitely happen too late. EDGE-ucation camp volunteers will share their knowledge and experience about things that hurts savings, and what people can do to help reach their goals.  Light refreshments will be provided during the camp for participants.

Topics include:


  • What’s inflation?
  • Why should I be worried?


  • The three ingredients
  • The advantage of time


  • Where to put your money Investing in (good) businesses
  • What are stocks and the stock market?
  • How to invest successfully

The Human Mind

  • How people make decisions
  • Avoiding common investment mistakes

To register for this free camp – please use the contact form below.  Once completed, someone will be in contact with you to confirm your spot for the event and provide further information.