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Youth Leadership Programs






The YMCA has been training leaders of the future for many years. YMCA Youth Leadership Programs are designed to help participants build skills that they can use for a lifetime. Leadership programming at the YMCA aims to provide a sense of responsibility and well-being to youth between grades 4- 12. Through fun activities, youth become more involved in community initiatives, work on leadership, interpersonal and communication skills, and develop a sense of personal responsibility through the YMCA’s Core Values of respect, responsibility, caring, honesty and inclusiveness.



Tomorrow’s Y’s Leaders Grades 7-12

Aboriginal youth will explore the opportunity to improve their self– esteem, build upon leadership skills, strengthen interpersonal values, and expand their appreciation of diversity. This will allow the youth to gain developmental assets and build relationships with peers, other adults and leaders in the community. This program will encourage youth to broaden their interests and to make healthy, positive life choices. These skill building techniques, essential to engage and empower youth, which serve as the foundation to learning and life achievement.


Leaders I – Formerly known as Youth Adventurers (Boys Group) / Girls Growing Strong (Girls Group) Grades 4-6

The program aims to provide a sense of responsibility and well-being while improving the self-esteem and confidence of your child.. Young Adventurers and Girls Growing Strong supports healthy lifestyles, and encourages youth to be committed to community service and leadership.In this program, your children will grow, thrive, lead and belong.



Leaders II – Formerly known as Leaders in Training (LIT’s) Grades 7-9

Youth participate in activities that help them discover who they are as individuals and what they can do to make positive changes in their communities. In this program, your child will have the opportunity for community involvement and volunteering experiences while learning what it takes to be a leader and creating lasting and positive relationships.



Leaders III – formerly known as Leaders Grades 10-12

Youth learn about community service, volunteerism and health and wellness as they plan and implement projects to help their communities. Here youth get a chance to develop leadership skills and belong to a group of other positive, like-minded young people.


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To REGISTER please contact the front desk at 306-757-9622.


For more information contact the Leadership Development Director at 306-559-7328.