Community Development Campaign


Inner-City Focus

Financial Target: $2 million over 5 years


Our Community Development Department currently provides programs in the following areas: Employment, Education, Post-Secondary Access, Youth Recreational and Life Skills, Leadership, Housing Initiatives, Addictions Counselling, Aboriginal Leadership, Inner City drop-in Recreation, Before and After School Programs and Asset Building Initiatives.

Project: Virtual YMCA.

The Virtual Y is based on a successful YMCA program piloted in New York City and Eastern Canada. The Virtual YMCA will provide children with additional help and attention they need to succeed in their academic studies, fitness and social development.  The program will involve intensive after school programs in up to 10 schools plus access to YMCA facilities.  The core activities in programs are Education and Literacy; Health Child Development; Personal Health Practices and Coping Skills.  An additional focus on the program will transport youth to a local YMCA centre for swim lesions and additional recreational opportunities.


For more on the Virtual Y check out our YouTube link.